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Specializing in Bengal Kittens w/ Exuberantly Loving, 'Velcro-Kitty' Temperaments - Bengal Kittens w/ the Absolute Highest Level of Socialization

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14Karat Bengal is a small in-home Bengal cat cattery located near Sedona, AZ - Each & every one of my Bengal cats & kittens lives inside of my home & is a beloved, well-trained member of my family. I Specialize in Healthy & Gorgeous, Top Quality Bengal Kittens with Exuberantly Loving "Velcro-Kitty" Temperaments, Exceptionally Contrasted Rosetted Coats with Rich Golden/Red Coloration & Beautiful Faces with Big Eyes & Sweet Expressions. My Cats & Kittens receive the Absolute Highest Level of Socialization, Training, Love & Care - I spend countless hours every day to ensure the most social, people-oriented & well mannered Bengal kittens & cats. Be sure to read the many testimonials posted on Bengals Illustrated about my cats. I also have a very strict approval process & I am extremely careful about the homes I select for each of my cats & kittens.

14Karat Bengal Cattery is a TICA Registered Bengal Cat Cattery & is located near Sedona, AZ.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding more information on any of our fantastic Bengal Cats or Bengal Kittens. Please Email me for the initial contact: 14karatbengal@q.com and please be sure to share about yourself in the initial email. An Email response is typically sent out within a few minutes after received Emails. If you are not willing to share about yourself, you will not receive a response. I receive an unbelievable amount of phone calls inquiring about my Bengal cats & Bengal kittens so I ask that an Email be sent first. I will then send an Email explaining about myself, home/cattery & prices. I will also include questions for you to answer. Only after these questions have been answered will I return phone calls.

14Karat Bengal is well known for producing healthy, highly socialized, exuberantly loving & affectionate, top quality Bengal kittens. 14Karat Bengal produces both "traditional" short haired Bengal kittens & "cashmere" long haired Bengal kittens. To learn more about 14Karat Bengal's Cashmere Bengals please click on picture below:

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Advanced Nutrition for an Abundant Life for Cats & Kittens - www.HealthyKittyFood.com

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Member of The International Bengal Cat Society Member in Excellent Standing Member of Bengals Illustrated

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14Karat Bengal of AZ - Bengal Cat / Bengal kitten Breeder of Spotted / Rosetted, Rich Colored, Top Quality Bengal Kittens and Bengal cats from top, healthy bloodlines. Gorgeous Bengal cats and Bengal kittens available now for pet adoption in Arizona. Top quality, cutting edge Bengal kittens and Bengal cats of 14Karat Bengal in Arizona.

Arizona Bengal cat breeder - 14Karat Bengal breeds for excellent health and for exuberantly loving and affectionate Bengal cats and Bengal kittens. 14Karat Bengal cattery is located close to Phoenix, Arizona just outside of Sedona, Arizona in Cottonwood, Arizona. We have Bengal kittens for sale now in Arizona. At 14Karat Bengal, I take great pride in my Bengal cats and Bengal kittens. I show all of my Bengal cat breeders of 14Karat Bengal and I show all the Bengal kittens produced here on my site - including tons of pictures of all of my Bengal cats and Bengal kittens. I also can provide testimonies / references from past Bengal kitten and Bengal cat buyers / owners. Testimonies will attest to the excellent, loving personalities of my Bengal kittens. I love the Bengal kittens produced here at 14Karat Bengal. 14Karat Bengal has Bengal kittens and Bengal cats located not only in Arizona but also California, Washington, Utah, Nevada. 14Karat Bengal kittens and Bengal cats are also in Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Missouri. We have Bengal kittens and Bengal cats in Oregon, Pennsylvania and Florida. 14Karat Bengal kittens and Bengal cat in Arizona is on msn, yahoo, google and bing searches.