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14KaratBengal Baby Red Boy

Kashima X Sabra Boy

I am completely in love with this exuberantly sweet, very happy and social baby boy! He is also a beauty with very rich reddish/golden coloration, big black outlined rosettes, beautiful rosetted shoulder markings, lots of glitter, great contrast and coat clarity, fantastic body, fat, FAT tail, lovely head and profile and the most adorable face with big, BIG, expressive eyes and the sweetest expression. This gorgeous boy is also an extremely gentle baby. I adore him! He will make an exceptional top quality Bengal companion!

Very much in the "fuzzy stage."

He has INCREDIBLE personality!

I LOVE his gorgeous face with the sweetest expression and HUGE eyes!

He will develop to have wonderful tiny ears!

He has very large black outlined rosettes and beautiful rosetted shoulder markings.

Grandpa, SABU, LOVES and adores kittens! I think this baby will have similar coloration as his grandfather, Sabu.

Again with Sabu in picture below....

Love his spotted back leg!

with Sabu :-)

He has a GORGEOUS spotted belly!

Fabulous spotted belly!

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