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14Karat Bengal Policy...

14Karat Bengal Cattery has a very strict and extensive approval process. I take incredible care and responsibility in choosing the best and safest homes for each of my cats and kittens. I tend to turn down more people/homes than I approve; NOT because I feel people are "bad" or that they may not be a good owner but because the cattery's policy is "that" particular. I can never be too careful when it comes to my cats. Their well being and quality of life is my top priority. If a person does not want to go through such an extensive approval process, I respect that. Most likely, a person will have no problems finding other places that do not have such an approval process.

It is 14KaratBengal's policy to conduct the entire approval process through email only. Phone calls will be returned only to those who have gone through the process and have been approved. Unfortunately, I have found there is just not enough time in a day to answer all the many, many "inquiring" phone calls and to also care properly for my cats and kittens. Speaking on the phone to the unbelievable amount of people who are 'just inquiring' on a daily basis will take away precious time I can be devoting to my cats. I am more than happy to return phone calls to my actual owners and anyone who has been approved.

I occasionally have people who try to persuade me to go against a particular policy; however just as I am uncompromising on the homes I choose for each of my cats and kittens, I am also uncompromising on the cattery's policies.

Perhaps the number one policy people try to persuade me to compromise on is -- *All cats and kittens are spayed and neutered prior to leaving my home. There is no exception to this. This is actually better for the new owner as well. One may not realize how much time is involved with caring for very energetic kitties who are to be kept calm, quiet and still for about 2 weeks following surgery. There is time involved with pre and post op. Careful attention also has to be made to incision care/observation and proper healing. In addition, risk can be involved -- As with any medical procedure complications can arise. Also, it is very important, for many reasons, for a kitten to be spayed/neutered prior to becoming sexually mature. Some kittens can come into sexual maturity as young as 4 months of age. This is rare, but not impossible.

I have my vet use "sevo gas" for all procedures that require for the cat to be put under. Gas is much safer than regular anesthesia and it costs more.

It is the cattery's policy for anyone interested in one of my kittens to thoroughly read and review all the information including any videos on my vaccination and cat food pages. Full discussion on the person's part of the information is required. After a person proceeds further through my approval process I also tend to forward a copy of my typical, very detailed "recommended care sheet." This recommended care sheet will be very similar to the recommended care sheet I will provide to an adopter close to the day the baby is ready to leave for his/her new home.

14KaratBengal cats and kittens are placed with a Written Contract and Health Guarantee. I reserve the right to refuse a sale on one of my kittens/cats prior to the kitten/cat leaving my home. Each kitten/cat is the property of 14KaratBengal until the kitten/cat is paid for in full -- Once a cat/kitten is paid for in full and a fully executed contract has been delivered to 14KaratBengal then ownership will be transferred to the new owner. All breeding cats and litters are TICA registered and the TICA blue slip registration form will be provided. All deposits are non-refundable, unless due to unforeseen circumstances, I cannot make the kitten available to you.

If  a person becomes approved, I offer "2" types of waiting list options. I typically recommend choosing to be placed on my "regular waiting list" which is free of charge. However, I also have a "priority waiting list" which requires a $100 fee. This fee is required of anyone wishing to have priority in choosing and the fee will hold your spot on this list. I will also alert others of your position on this list (by letting the person know how many will have priority to choose before they would be able to choose). Typically, joining the "regular waiting list" is sufficient and most likely once approved you will be able to be offered a baby within a reasonable amount of time.

I enjoy getting to know more about people and sharing my views on feline care. I appreciate the time people take to go through the approval process and I pray each may take away some valuable information from the information I share. I care deeply about felines. Furthermore, I encourage everyone to come to me with any feline-related question he/she may have even if a person may adopt a kitten/cat elsewhere.

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