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14Karat Bengal Kittens Golden Sabu & Sheva

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Specializing in Bengal Kittens with Exuberantly Loving, Velcro-Kitty Temperaments

14Karat Bengal Cat Cattery Breeder of Traditional & Cashmere Bengal Cats & Bengal Kittens

About 14Karat Bengal...

At 14Karat Bengal, I am striving to only produce top quality Bengal cats, desiring only to produce for quality not quantity.  First and foremost, my cats are bred for excellent health; and then for top quality beauty and for incredibly loving temperaments and athleticism.  I am extremely selective in choosing my breeding stock, choosing cats from excellent, well established and proven-healthy bloodlines and great pedigrees with Champion to Supreme Grand Champion ancestry.  I spend lots of time reviewing, studying and comparing pedigrees (along with seeking God's leading and guidance) and I was willing to wait for however long it took to find only the top exceptional cats with great conformation and exuberantly loving temperaments.  In fact, it took me over two and a half years to settle on my first queen years ago.

My entire life is devoted to my cats and kittens and this shows in the exceptional, very well mannered, very well handled, highly socialized babies produced here at 14Karat Bengal. I truly want the kitten adopted from my home to be one of the best pets you have ever owned.  Also, in order to breed for quality not for quantity, early socialization is vital for producing good, loving, highly socialized house companions. I take great steps each and every day to ensure the highest level of socialization.

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