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IndiaInk Sakima of 14Karat Bengal

Sakima is my absolutely stunning boy with a beautiful face and very muscular, long body. He has a great pedigree with Champion to Supreme Grand Champion ancestry and he is an F8: 8 generations from the Asian Leopard Cat. Sakima has the desirable rich rufous coloring (red/rust) including gorgeous shades of gold and bronze and his coat is very clear, luxurious and silky soft (mink-feel) with a luminous sheen. He is covered in black outlined rosettes and his face and body are dripping in glitter. Sakima is my gorgeous lover boy who licks my face all over, rubs my nose and loves to give head butts. He loves to be with me at all times, is very intelligent and obedient. The cat pictured at the very top of this page is one of Sakima's many beautiful boys.


Above photo taken at 3 years of age. Sakima has black outlined markings & gorgeous rich & vivid coloration. Notice that luminous sheen!


Just a baby!

peek a boo!



Sakima produces incredible kittens with beautiful coloration, fabulous rosetted coats, great bodies, gorgeous faces, fantastic profiles & the absolute sweetest, loving & adorable personalities.
Click on the links below to view Sakima's babies.

Sakima will always be my 'forever kitty.' He is my precious, special baby. A few years back I had surgery and was in the hospital away from Sakima for a week. When I was released from the hospital my parents took me to their house to recuperate for a month and they brought Sakima to their house to be with me. The first night he saw me he constantly gave me kisses...even all night looong. I woke the next morning with my chin raw from his constant licking and kissing me :-) He would not leave my side for the entire month I was at my parents' house except to use his litter box. My parents had to put his food and water bowls up on the bed with me. He is an incredibly loyal and devoted boy ~ A true velcro kitty in every sense. His kittens typically always get his incredible personality too and are the most darling kitties....not to mention GORGEOUS too! Please take some time to look at every single kitten produced by Sakima. I am proud of every single one of his babies. I also have tons of emails from past buyers that I would love to share with you.

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