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14KaratBengal Caramel
Sakima X Sakia Cashmere Bengal Girl

Caramel, formerly known as Shiloh, is an over the top, exuberantly affectionate Cashmere Bengal kitten, long haired Bengal. She has beautiful rich coloration with lots of red tones, a fabulous coat of totally random, flowing rosettes, a wonderful looong body, a gorgeous head and profile and a stunning face with such a sweet expression. She has a super soft coat and excellent movement. She is going to be a very striking Cashmere Bengal and she is such a love bug!

Check back often ~ I plan to add tons more photos to Caramel's page! She is developing beautifully!

Photos below taken at 10 weeks of age.

She has a lovely head and fantastic profile!

Photos below taken at 8 weeks of age

Photos below taken at 4 weeks of age.

I love her profile ~ so Asian Leopard Cat like!

Photo below taken at 3 weeks of age.

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