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14Karat Bengal Evangelista

Kashima X Sabra Girl

I am so proud of this very wild looking girl! Evangelista is a gorgeous combination of the top lines in the world: Stonehenge "Wurthy Line", Kingsmark's very typey charcoal line, Gogees and Cheetahsden lines! She has an incredible pedigree! I love her wild face with large eyes, wide cheek bones, jet black markings and gorgeous expression, lovely head-type with gorgeous doming, tiny ears, gorgeous clear, plush and glittered coat boasting humongous rosettes with chunky inky, inky-jet black outlining, chain rosetting going down both sides of her spine, a very lighted/almost white tummy, and a fat, FAT tail always carried low. More importantly, Evangelista is a complete and total sweetheart! She is very calm, mellow, gentle and loving.

Updated and current on 4/3/13

Pictures Below taken at 9 months of age.

Fabulous FAT tail....always carried low.

VERY clear, glittered plush coat with large rosettes with chunky inky black outlining.

Gorgeous rounded, domed head.

Beautiful wild face.

She has very small ears.

WOW- Just look at that tail! So VERY FAT!

My camera is creating a white/light spot (fading) in a lot of my pictures lately towards the right side....this is a camera defect.

Amazing Face...Gorgeous large eyes.

She has a nice strong chin.

Below Pictures taken at 12 weeks of age.

Evangelista is 12 weeks of age in the photo above.

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