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14Karat Bengal Jacara London
Sakima X Sakia Girl

Jacara London is an incredibly wild looking, gorgeous girl! Her beautiful coat has a very flowing pattern of intense jet black markings that are almost all opening into rosettes. She even has rosettes going down towards her lower spine to her fabulously fat tail. Her tail has lots of spotting too! She has lovely rosetted shoulder markings, great contrast, nice looong body, wonderful small head with a fantastic profile & extremely rounded ears & gorgeous face. She also has excellent movement~ I LOVE how she carries herself, how she holds her head to look around...she is amazing! She is very sweet and loves to be held, turning into a ragdoll & purring.

Photo below taken at 4 months of age.

Jacara has an incredible head with extremely rounded ears.

Pictured below at 5 months of age. Notice the rosettes on her spine! Almost all of her jet black spotting is opening into rosettes.

She has a fabulous thick tail!

I love her dramatic, inky black facial markings & gorgeous rosetted shoulder markings.

Photos below taken at 4 months of age

Photo below taken at 3 months of age

Photos below taken at 9-10 weeks of age

Photos below taken at 6 weeks of age

Photo below taken at 2.5 weeks of age.

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