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14Karat Bengal Kashima X 14Karat Bengal Golden Sabra Babies

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I am featuring every single one of Kashima's and Sabra's kittens! All of their Bengal babies are gorgeous and the absolute sweetest kittens! Their kittens are located all over the United States! Please be sure to check out "Page 1" of their babies too. This is page 2 of their babies...babies produced earlier-- There are many fabulous owners blessed with one of their stunning Bengal babies!

above picture courtesy of Kona's wonderful owner, Kassie.

CLICK HERE for Kashima X Sabra Babies -- Page 1

Kashima's and Sabra's babies are AMAZING! All of Kashima's and Sabra's past kittens are pictured above.

All of their available past kittens sold before or shortly after they were born.~ Kashima's and Sabra's New Babies are due to arrive soon!

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All Photographs Copyright 2013 by 14Karat Bengal