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14KaratBengal Mishka
Supreme Wurth X Jacara London Cashmere Girl

What a fabulous Cashmere Bengal! I call Mishka my long haired Asian Leopard Cat! She looks just like an Asian Leopard Cat running around only in a long haired version. Mishka has a fantastic profile and a very nice head, fabulous looong, deep body with a gorgeous pattern! Her very glittered, clear, extremely silky soft coat is inky black marked with markings that are slowly opening into rosettes. Her pattern has an extreme horizontal pull to it ~ very wild looking! She has a beautiful face with large eyes. Mishka is very sweet and gentle. She also does great with baths! She is extremely vocal and seems to form very strong bonds. Mishka is a stunning long haired Bengal!

Check back soon ~ I will be adding more pictures to this page! Mishka developed a rich, gorgeous copper and bronze coloring with jet black outlined rosettes. All of Mishka's spotting opened into rosetting.

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All Photographs Copyright 2010 by 14KaratBengal