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14KaratBengal Nisaba

Golden Sabu X Xzotic Kiss Girl

Beautiful Nisaba has an identical personality as Sabu's! She is as adorable as can be and is a total doll. She is a very striking girl with her gorgeous face with big eyes, nice head, great profile, and fabulous coat covered in large inky, inky black outlined rosettes. And, check out those rosetted shoulder markings! I just love those spectacular shoulder markings that are in this line! Nisaba is a very nice sized girl and I do feel she will grow to be a larger female.

Pictured below at 4 months of age.

Pictured below at only 11 weeks of age...she will be a very large girl.

I do feel she will grow nicely into her ears. Her mother also had larger looking ears as a baby but she grew very nicely into her ears. Sabu has very tiny ears; Xzotic Kiss has small ears.

Pictured below at around 9 weeks of age.

Pictured below at around 8 weeks of age

Nisaba with daddy, Sabu.

Baby Nisaba kneading away :-)

Pictured below at almost 3 weeks of age.

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