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14Karat Bengal Golden Sabu

Thank you, Brigitte McMinn of Bengals Illustrated for this fantastic collage of my precious Sabu.

Notice the large chunky black outlined rosettes going down Sabu's back legs!

He also has wonderfully rounded, small ears.

Sabu has the largest, nocturnal eyes.

Sabu has gorgeous rich coloration with the inkiest black markings. With markings this jet black it takes much longer for the rosettes to develop. He also has a very nice short, thick tail with a blunt tip.

If you look real close, you can see Sabu's sister looking out at him from inside the tunnel.

With markings this inky, inky black it takes longer for the rosettes to fall out.

That is my Sabu! Always with a sweet, sweet smile~ Even belly up in a deep sleep he is still smiling!

When he was a tiny, tiny baby, Sabu was determined to climb his way to the very top of what seemed like a never-ending post. He is just adorable with all of his inky, inky black markings. Look at those fabulous shoulder markings even as a baby!!

Sabu was fabulous even at birth- simply amazing!!

Please check back. I have more pictures of Sabu I will be adding to this page. He is stunning!

Sabu is another "forever kitty" of mine. Everyone falls in love with him and are so impressed with his beauty! More importantly, Sabu is an easy going, sweet, loving and affectionate boy. He is exuberantly loving and jumps his whole entire body off of the floor to be petted. I call it the full body butt. When I am in my car you can almost always bet Sabu is right there in my lap with me! He kneads, head butts, nose rubs and gives tons of kisses. He is a very happy boy. His babies are absolutely adorable and I would love to share emails from all of his kitten owners!

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All Photographs Copyright 2011 by 14KaratBengal