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14Karat Bengal Supreme Wurth

Supreme Wurth (AKA Kissie Pooh) is my enormous loving teddy bear! Anytime he is picked up he turns into a big rag-doll! He is so extremely calm, mellow, gentle and is such a big lover- he is a head butter, kisser, kneader and nose rubber. His personality is absolutely adorable and he is a gorgeous Bengal boy- LOVE his rich red coloration, huge rosettes, fat, fat tail, incredible body, teeny tiny ears, wonderful face with such a gentle look.

Such a Huge, Sweet Gigantic Red Teddy Bear!

All photos above taken at only 5 months of age.

Photos below taken at 12 weeks of age

Photos below taken at 10 weeks of age.

Kisses has a very nice, extremely fat, FAT tail!

Photos below taken at 7 weeks of age.

Supreme Wurth is my great big, red teddy bear! I LOVE how incredibly calm and mellow he is. He turns into a big rag doll when he is picked up and held. He is a kneader, head butter, nose rubber and kisser. I have emails from his kitten owners I would love to share with you. Click on the link below to view all of his kittens!

Click here for SupremeWurth/London Babies

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All Photographs Copyright 2011 by 14KaratBengal