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Sakima & Tantara Babies

Featured below are all of Sakima and Tantara's babies.

14KaratBengal "Sandara"

Sandara will always be one of my most special babies. She has such a gorgeous face with huge eyes, a wonderful head & profile, beautiful rich coloration with lots of rufousing (red tones) & tons of glitter & a very whited tummy. She has black outlined rosettes, nice clear coat, spotted back legs & a lovely looong body. Most importantly she is a total sweetheart~ loving to give lots of kisses & she is VERY social. I am so glad she is being loved by my best friend, Ann Murrill, and husband, Jeff, along with her daughter, Aleah, and sons, Rowan and Kyle. Sandara is a very blessed girl to be loved & cherished by them! Thank you Ann! Love you!


Sandara featured in both pictures at only one month of age.

14KaratBengal "D.C."

D.C. has a beautiful face with very large eyes, nice head & profile & a gorgeous glittered coat of totally random black outlined rosettes. She has incredible rich coloration & her coat is super soft like a Chinchilla. D.C. is a major kisser too loving to lick her human friends all over! She is a gorgeous kitty!

D.C pictured at 5 weeks of age

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