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14Karat Bengal "Total Knockout"
Sakima X Xzotic Kiss Girl

Total Knockout is a beautiful, sweet girl with a fabulous coat of very flowing, large rosettes. She has a pretty face, nice profile, large, long body with strong boning and very pretty coloration. She is a sweetheart and seems to be quite intelligent and responsive.

Words cannot describe how precious this beautiful girl is to me. After interviewing over 20 different people/families who wanted Total, many of which were wonderful people, I felt Tamara Merrell was the best match for my special girl. Total Knockout is now being loved and adored by Tamara and Dusty. THANK you, Tamara & Dusty, for giving Total THE BEST, MOST LOVING home possible!

Total Knockout is extremely sweet & loving & will try to rub anything when she catches me looking at her.

Photos below taken at 6 & 1/2 months of age.

Photo below taken at 5 months of age shows Total's totally random, big, open rosettes.

Photos below taken at 4 months of age.

Notice her strong chin in the photo below.

Photos below taken at 13 weeks of age.

Photos below taken at 10 weeks of age.

Photos below taken at 5 weeks of age.

Photo below shows her nice strong chin.

Photos below taken at 3 weeks of age.

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All Photographs Copyright 2010 by 14KaratBengal