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Since Diet and Vaccinations greatly influence the health and well being of our beloved feline companions the most, I feel strongly that providing informative information on both is important. Sadly, the majority of owners are innocently and unknowingly doing much harm to their beloved feline companions by over-vaccinating or vaccinating needlessly. I strongly feel that a high quality diet along with a cat not being vaccinated needlessly are two of the main things that will help a cat maintain his long-term optimal health. In addition, being offered the best diet and not receiving vaccines needlessly is said to largely influence a cat's actual life expectancy.

Please be sure to click on the following banners/links in order to read very important information on vaccinations. During my approval process I will ask you to share your thoughts on this subject so I do require for these sites to be read as part of my approval process. As an owner of any animal or as a person interested in adopting an animal it is your responsibility to learn as much as possible about vital key areas that will greatly affect your animal's life and well being.

At 14Karat Bengal all of my cats and kittens are vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian, Dr. Gummo-Wagner: 928-634-7538, Verde Vet Hospital. Kittens are placed with a vaccine record and an in-depth recommended care sheet. I feel it is very important for my cats to be administered a vaccine by a licensed vet. The location that a vaccine is administered is very important. (it is never to be given in the "scruff" area) Also, it is very important that a cat be examined by a licensed vet before receiving a vaccine.

The above site was created by an "all feline vet," a veterinarian who specializes in and only works with cats. Dr. Lisa A. Pierson (DVM) shares her vaccine protocol for her own cats. She does not vaccinate her own personal cats (which are strictly indoor-only cats) with the FeLV vaccine or the rabies vaccine. She also provides eye opening information regarding the "FVRCP" vaccine. Please read over her page on vaccines by clicking on the banner above.

Please click on the above banner for another very informative site on vaccinations.

Please click on the above banner for another very informative site on vaccinations.

Please click on the above banner. Catherine O'Driscoll also wrote a well known book entitled "What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines." It can be found on amazon.

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Book Description: Over-vaccinating combined with stress, poor nutrition, and other factors is putting our companion animals at risk for serious diseases including auto-immune disorders, cancer or even death. In this well researched book, you will discover how typical vaccination protocols and environmental and genetic factors may be combining to turn your dog, cat, or horse into a ticking time-bomb of health problems, and how you can improve your pet's health and longevity. Bringing together research from around the world, Shock to the System explains the physiology of stress, the role of genetics and nutrition and the health risks to our companion animals from over-vaccination. It also suggests sound solutions to keeping your pet healthy. Find out: · Why many of the health problems we see in pets today are caused by a combination of factors-including over-vaccination, stress and diet · How to decide which vaccinations are necessary to protect your pet's health without endangering it · How to time vaccinations so that they don't overburden your pet's immune system · About new, less frequent vaccination schedules that many vets are now using · How to minimize stress in your pet's life-and maybe your own!

If you live in or are close to the Sedona/Cottonwood, Arizona area, I highly recommend Dr. Gummo-Wagner at the Verde Vet Hospital. If you have any questions regarding me or the top level of care I provide to my cats and kittens, please feel free to speak directly with Dr. Gummo-Wagner or her vet tech, JJ at 928-634-7538.

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