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Cashmere Cashmere Bengal Kittens of 14Karat Bengal Cat Cattery


*Kittens are spayed / neutered prior to leaving, no exceptions*

I have a VERY STRICT and extensive approval process for all of my kittens and cats. I am in NO WAY looking for 'just any home' for my cats and kittens.

Email if interested and please share in depth about yourself in your initial email IF you expect a response.

Be sure to check out 14KaratBengal's Cashmere Babies featured as Outstanding Kittens in the current Bengals Illustrated Publication!


I am super excited about this young Cashmere female named Sabrina!

Father: 14KaratBengal Kashima and mother is sired by Sakima and down from Amantra La Mar

Beautiful rosetted pattern -- I expect her to be very similar to 14KaratBengal Desert Jewel (formerly known as Khemara). Kashima is full brother to Desert Jewel.

Even deep in the fuzzy stage at this young age she has gorgeous coloration and good contrast.


So very sweet and pretty "Alyse"

Father, 14KaratBengal Supreme Wurth, is down from the very famous WURTHY-line and mother is from some wonderful JUNGLEBOOK lines.

Beautiful, Very Foundation Looking Cashmere Baby Boy with Beautiful Black-Outlined Rosettes, Fantastic Leopard-Cat Head and Profile & Adorable Personality!

Daddy: 14Karat Bengal Supreme Wurth ; Mommy: 14Karat Bengal Jacara London -- 14KaratBengal Flynn (formerly known as Kodi ; )

Sold to Catalina

THANK YOU, Catalina, for being the best kitty mommy! Flynn will soon be joining 14KaratBengal Autumn with one of my dearest friends, Catalina :)

He has a Gorgeous Face, Large Eyes & a Lovely Strong Chin

Gorgeous Black Outlined Rosettes, Very Colorful Background, Fantastic Contrast.

Lovely Low Tail Set, Beautiful Wild Body Type, Very Flowing Rosetted Pattern.

Gorgeous Leopard Cat Profile, Lovely Long Neck, Fabulous Body.

Lovely Head and Exceptional Profile - Expect Flynn to develop lots of rich warm reddish coloration throughout his coat.

Beautiful Face with very Sweet Expression, Lovely Strong Chin, Rounded Ear Tips.

Flash of Camera washes pics out - Tons of Black Spots going down clear to the end of toes!

Gorgeous Cashmere with INKY-BLACK outlined rosettes, fantastic typey body and head, wonderful face. VERY social/friendly - is constantly climbing up into my lap.

Daddy: INDIAINK Sakima of 14KaratBengal ; Mommy is the daughter of CALCATTA'S LA MAR of AMANTRA X BEAUXMONDES Feather Dance (Fantastic pedigree)

14Karat Bengal Cashmere Baby Boy "Monroe"; renamed "Talal"

Sold to Meghan :)

I breed for the LOW-LYING coats. When a Cashmere Bengal has a low-lying coat markings are highly visible and gorgeous.

Below Photos are very washed out but they show his fabulous body well.

Above Photos taken on August 27,2014

Another EXCEPTIONAL, Very Sweet, Loving, Social Cashmere Baby Boy! I am VERY proud of this AMAZING Bengal boy! Everything about him is absolutely stunningly gorgeous! Fabulous Pedigree -

Father, 14KaratBengal Supreme Wurth, is down from the very famous WURTHY-line and mother is from some wonderful JUNGLEBOOK lines.

14Karat Bengal Cashmere Baby Boy "Dallinger"

Dallinger has developed Gorgeous Rich Red Coloration

All Photos Above Taken on August 28, 2014.

All Photos Below Taken at 7 Weeks of Age.

Gorgeous, Exuberantly Loving Cashmere Bengal Baby Boy - not currently available

Same Fabulous Pedigree as Baby Boy Above

I am very tempted to keep this gorgeous lover-boy for myself. He is so exuberantly loving and affectionate and he has the rich red-hot coloring I love. He is covered in sparkly glitter, is super, silky soft, has beautiful type and the sweetest, prettiest face with beautiful face paintings.

***Please be sure to share about yourself in your initial Email -- Emails received that do not include any information about oneself will not be answered. I am extremely particular about the homes I choose for my kittens and cats. My life is totally devoted to my cats and I invest a piece of my heart and soul into each one. Please take the time to share about yourself when contacting me.** I am receiving A LOT of emails that do not include any information about oneself and those are being deleted. I am not trying to 'just make a sale' and my cats are not 'just things/inventory" but precious living creatures.

Please email me for the initial contact. Also, please share about yourself in your initial email. Emails asking only if I have a waiting list or what my prices are for Cashmere kittens without also sharing something about yourself will not be answered. Great care and concern goes into choosing the absolute best homes for my cats and kittens. These are not "things" but precious living beings. Living Beings that I have dedicated and devoted my life towards.

All the available Cashmere kittens will be offered to those on my priority waiting list first. Buyers on my priority waiting list have priority in selecting from available Cashmere kittens. A non-refundable $100 is required to be on this list and holds your place on the list. There is a very high demand for all of my kittens. A lot of my kittens are sold before they are born.

I also have a "regular waiting list" and there is no fee to be on this list.

Please Email me at 14karatbengal@q.com for more information!

I "typically" respond to email messages within a few minutes. If you do not receive a response from me within 6 hours, please email me directly through your email. My email address is 14karatbengal@q.com - I am dealing with some serious family issues and I thank you for your understanding if there is a delay in receiving a response. If that happens, please send another email. My adoptive families realize all the issues my mother has been experiencing. I sincerely appreciate your understanding, true compassion and patience.

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