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I have gorgeous, richly colored, exuberantly sweet, loving, affectionate and playful Bengal Kittens and Adults available now; however....

I have a very, very strict & extensive approval process. Inquiries will only be responded to if a person takes the time to share about themselves in their initial email. I require for the info on my "vaccine" & "nutrition" pages to be reviewed & discussed as part of my approval process. My cats & kittens receive the absolute highest level of care, socialization, handling & training. All kittens & cats are vet checked by a licensed vet and are also vaccinated by a licensed vet. They are placed with a written health guarantee & contract. Also, as an added service, I have all cats & kittens spayed/neutered while here prior to leaving for their new homes. As with any surgery, risk is involved & there is a lot of extra work involved in caring for kittens/cats pre & post surgery. This is a very time-consuming service to have taken care of before bringing your new baby home. Please be sure to read the comments posted by my past adopters on the Bengals Illustrated site- link provided below. Words cannot even begin to describe how incredibly sweet, loving, social & well handled a 14KaratBengal baby is!

14Karat Bengal Cattery - Featured as "Most Popular" on Bengals Illustrated for over 2-Consecutive Years!

Be sure to read the Testimonials from "actual adopters" at the bottom of the page at this link / Click on link below & scroll down:

14Karat Bengal - Most Popular Cattery on Bengals Illustrated

Thank you for taking the time to share about yourself in your initial email ~ Emails that do not take the time to share about oneself will not be responded to- I have a very strict approval process and emails that are not detailed do not present as willing to go through such an extensive approval process.

*BE SURE TO SHARE ABOUT YOURSELF IN YOUR INITIAL EMAIL IF YOU WANT A RESPONSE. I have a very strict approval process. (Please Scroll Down)

*All Kittens/Cats are spayed/neutered before leaving for their new homes, no exceptions*

Please Email me at for the initial contact.

If you want a response, be sure to share about yourself in the initial email.I am not looking for 'just any home' for my cats and kittens. There is an extremely high demand for my kittens but I am very particular about the homes I choose for each of my cats and kittens.

Sabu's Amazing Tri-Colored, Exceptionally Loving Baby Boy!

Words cannot begin to explain just how exceptionally loving this baby is-- the most loving creature ever!

Kona has the most gorgeous wild face beautifully balanced with the sweetest expression.

Much can be determined by a kitty's expression.

Kona has the sweetest, most loving personality -- exceptionally loving boy!

Pics do NO JUSTICE to just how amazingly GORGEOUS this boy is! must see in person -- he is INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!

All of the big inky-jet black markings will all eventually open revealing the stunning red-hot rust colored centers.

Words cannot even begin to express just how exceptionally loving this baby boy is! There is no creature on the planet more loving!

He has a similar wild face as Sabu, and lovely teeny, tiny rounded ears! Love his puffy whiskerpads and incredibly large eyes!

Pictures do NO JUSTICE to just how stunningly gorgeous his coat and pattern are! I would LOVE to keep this baby here with me -- if only I had the room! I LOVE everything about him. He is gorgeous, and must be seen in person. His coat is going to be amazing and his loving personality is unbeatable. He gives me kisses on my nose immediately every time he sees me!!! His daddy is my "forever baby" -- will be with me always which speaks volumes to just how amazing this baby is

14Karat Bengal Kona - Gorgeous SABU Baby - a Total LoveBug!

Stunningly Gorgeous, Incredibly Loving Baby Boy

Kona is spectacular with his stunningly gorgeous wild face with very large eyes, beautiful face paintings, teeny-tiny ears, beautiful leopard cat head-type, rich-rich beautiful reddish golden coloration with inky-inky jet black outlined markings with deep fire red center coloration, fantastic leopard cat body type, low tail set, big well knuckled paws. He is an incredibly loving, affectionate, friendly and social baby. LOVE HIM! He will only be offered to the absolute best home that will appreciate just how special and loving he is.

Heaven Bound's Baby Girl!

Sold to Cathy & has joined 14KaratBengal Nobu :)

14Karat Bengal Thea - Gorgeous Heaven Bound Baby!

SOLD to Cathy and has joined 14KaratBengal Nobu! Thea has an adorable personality and has fabulous wild type!

Heaven Bound's baby boy look alike - Incredible baby even at the young age of just 4 weeks! WOW - such a beautiful litter of babies!

14Karat Bengal Bodhi - Gorgeous Heaven Bound Baby!

SOLD to Samantha & has joined 14KaratBengal Raja -- another amazing Heaven Bound baby owned by Samantha :)

This entire litter of babies have beautiful wild head types with wonderful eye placement, big, beautifully shaped eyes, teeny tiny rounded ear types, puffy whisker pads with very sweet expressions, lovely wild body type and amazing FAT, FAT properly placed tails! Stunning wild type! and, adorable, very sweet and loving personalities.

Kashima's Amazing Tri-Colored, Incredibly Loving Baby Boy!

14Karat Bengal Nova - Gorgeous Kashima Baby!

SOLD to Michelle and has joined 14KaratBengal Naula

Nova is incredible with his lovely leopard cat head-type, adorable face/expression, rich-rich beautiful reddish golden coloration with inky-inky jet black outlined markings with deep fire red center coloration, fantastic leopard cat body type, proper tail set. He is an incredibly loving, affectionate, friendly and social baby. Adorable personality!

Supreme Wurth baby with fantastic wild type & gentlest personality. GORGEOUS Tri-Colored Coat!

14Karat Bengal KaShamii - Supreme Wurth Daughter

ADOPTED to Jesus -- Stunningly Gorgeous, Very LOVING Baby Girl

KaShamii is a gorgeous typey girl - lovely body type, proper tail placement w/ wonderful thickness, beautiful head, small rounded ears, the sweetest, most beautiful face, a rich tri-colored coat w/ fantastic clarity, tons of sparkly glitter, black-outlined, very flowing rosettes & great contrast. She is as sweet & gentle as she is extraordinarily beautiful. VERY proud of this Bengal girl!

Sweet Jungle Doll "Dolly" had her first litter of Babies and They are GORGEOUS!

14Karat Bengal Sweet Jungle Doll's Baby Girl "KeeBlur"

SOLD to LaDonna & Don

THANK YOU for giving KeeBlur such a blessed, loving home!

I am so proud of Dolly's Babies! Venitia (renamed KeeBlur by LaDonna) has the most amazing rich, gorgeous coloration, extreme contrast, large black outlined rosettes, super-silky, drenched in sparkly glitter coat & beautiful wild type with her lovely small rounded, well-placed ears, amazing wild face - beautifully balanced with the sweetest "smiling" expression, big, beautifully shaped, properly-placed eyes & gorgeous thick, short tail. KeeBlur is a very happy, well trained and sweet and loving baby girl!

Gorgeous Bengal boy with the most BEAUTIFUL, Most LOVING and Endearing Personality!

Words cannot begin to describe how incredibly loving this baby is & pictures do no justice to his gorgeous coat!

Such a happy, loving kneader - so exuberantly loving. This precious boy melts my heart!

14Karat Bengal Baby Boy - Heaven Bound's Dylan

Glittery Coat is such a Gorgeous Rich Color, Extremely Black Outlining to Markings with Deep, Rich Coppery Red Centers - much more stunningly gorgeous in person! He is intensely jet-black marked and his coloration is exquisite! Built-in Flash of camera greatly washes pics out!

SOLD to Scott & Family

Dylan is an exceptional Bengal boy - AMAZING coat, markings, contrast, coloration & gorgeous face. I expect him to be a very nice sized Bengal boy. Dylan has the best, most loving & affectionate personality. He is a total doll baby & is the most loving living being. I will be very particular about the home I choose for this precious boy. Dylan is very well-handled & is priced as a top quality Bengal boy - He will make an exceptional, gorgeous companion.

Follow Raja on Instagram @rajathebengal

Pictured below at just 4 weeks of age.

Thank you, Samantha, for providing the gorgeous photos below showing how beautiful Raja is today!

I do not promote a Bengal being outdoors - Samantha takes Raja for a walk in the morning secured in a harness and leash.

Samantha loves her baby boy & kisses him all over his beautiful nose ;) luv the lip stick on his nose from mommy's kisses ;)

Above 4 Photos Courtesy of Owner, Samantha

14Karat Bengal Baby Boy - Heaven Bound's Raja

SOLD to Samantha

THANK YOU for giving Raja the best, most loving home - you are the sweetest, most loving person in the world! Love you, Samantha! Be sure to read Samantha's comment posted about her precious Raja on the Bengals Illustrated site.

Raja is the result of combining two stunning lines - He is INCREDIBLE! Everything about him is gorgeous from his face with large eyes, beautiful facial markings, sweet, sweet expression to his amazing coat with fantastic coloration, exceptional contrast, very large inky-jet black outlined rosettes and a fabulous large and long body. More importantly, Raja has the most adorable, sweet, "fun-loving" laid-back personality.

14Karat Bengal Baby "Delilah" - a Heaven Bound Daughter


I am VERY proud of this AMAZING Bengal girl! It was very hard to let her go - Delilah has a very symmetrical, very flowing "wild" inky-black outlined rosetted pattern w/ a very strong horizontal pull. She also has a very long, fantastic wild body type & drenched in sparkly glitter, exceptionally-well contrasted coat. Her face is beautifully balanced w/ just the right amount of fabulous "wild" softened w/ the sweetest expression. Huge, beautiful "properly placed" eyes, lovely whisker pads, exquisite facial markings, lovely wild head type & a very sweet, exceptionally well-handled baby girl combine to make Delilah one of my most special babies! I adore her & I am very proud of her.

14Karat Bengal Baby Girl - a Sakima Daughter

Not Available at this time

Jordan featured below as a very young-young baby

14Karat Bengal Baby Boy - Jordan, a Heaven Bound Son

Sold to Lucy & Family

Jordan has exceptional coloration, gorgeous face, big eyes, puffy whiskerpads, very strong chin, amazing long, deep "wild" body type, exceptional contrast and clarity of coat that is drenched in glitter. Jordan is a spectacular Bengal boy with fantastic wild type and exceptional coat and coloration.

AMAZING Sakima baby with the sweetest personality- Be sure to read owner, Christi's comment on the Bengals Illustrated site about this special boy. He loves being held and loved and he gives tons of love and affection.

14Karat Bengal Sakima's Raja Today!

Above Photo of Raja courtesy of Raja's wonderful owner, Christi - cropped to fit on site.

Above Photo Courtesy of Raja's wonderful owner, Christi -- cropped to fit on site

14KaratBengal Baby Boy - Sakima's Raja

Sold to Christi :-)

Raja is a Beauty! gorgeous pattern and check out that tail! I love his facial features and wonderful wild type. Gorgeous light goggles around his eyes similar to the leopard cat, tiny - well placed ears and lovely flowing rosetted pattern. He has a very loving "velcro-kitty" temperament. Very special, gorgeous baby!

14Karat Bengal Baby Boy - Black Jag

Featured in Bengals Illustrated as an Outstanding Bengal Kitten

Sold to Ruby in 2014

has now joined Ruby's loving home with 14KaratBengal Dimitri

Black Jag is INCREDIBLE with his perfect flowing pattern of humongous inky, inky-jet black outlined rosettes, beautiful rosetted shoulder markings, spotted back legs, short fabulously thick tail, wonderful asian leopard cat head type and profile, gorgeous face with big eyes, a fantastic broad nose and small rounded ears. More importantly than Jag's exceptional beauty, he has the most loving and gentle personality. He is also super, super playful and entertaining. He will make a wonderful family companion!

14Karat Bengal Kitten Available

ABOVE Picture was Taken the day Haley left for her new home to show how gorgeous her coloration/contrast is developing!

14KaratBengal Baby "Haley", renamed Akila :)

SOLD to Amy :-)

Haley is an exceptionally well trained & well handled 14Karat Bengal baby girl! She is very well trained with routine nail trimmings and being bathed in a large bath tub. She is also being trained with car rides. She does very well with routine lap holdings at my parents' house where she is held for at least 2 hours solid during the evenings. She is also a gorgeous, top quality Bengal girl with a fantastic short/tight coat that boasts BIG, BOLD, very dark outlined, well contrasted - open rosetting with pretty rosetted shoulder paintings, rosettes going down both sides of her spine and rosettes down over her rump, gorgeous, rich coloration, dripping in glitter, silky-soft coat, long & large body with excellent boning and structure, stunningly gorgeous face with big, big, beautiful eyes, sweet expression & a lovely Asian Leopard Cat head type. Being this spectacularly gorgeous while deep in the 'fuzzy ugly' stage, can you imagine how absolutely AMAZING she will be at maturity?! I also expect her to be a large girl & she should grow nicely into her ears. She is very social, friendly, interactive, sweet, loving and playful. Her favorite place to be is as close to her humans as possible, on our shoulders ;-) She is VERY sweet and loving - she will make THE BEST Bengal "velcro" companion! I ADORE HER!

Top Quality 14Karat Bengal Kitten of AZ - Featured in Bengals Illustrated as Outstanding Bengal Kitten

Golden Sabu X Xzotic's Total Knockout

Mommy Total Knockout is now retired and living in her forever home with Tamara Merrell]

Click Here for more pictures of Sabu's Boy

Meet a 14Karat Bengal kitten featured in Bengals Illustrated as an outstanding Bengal kitten! Extremely Clear Coated, Inky, Inky-Jet Black outlined Rosettes, Exquisite Rosetted Shoulder Markings, Fabulous Golden-Red Coloration, Proven NON-Fading Line, Exceptional Contrast, Fat Tail, INSANELY LOVEABLE!

14Karat Bengal Top Quality Bengal Kitten Featured in Bengals Illustrated

Featured in Bengals Illustrated magazine as an Outstanding Bengal Kitten

14Karat Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens of AZ - Top Quality Bengal Kittens in AZ

Sakima X Sakia Boy "Kashima"

Mommy Sakia is now retired and living in her forever home with Pat.

Click Here to see more pictures of Kashima

Meet a 14Karat Bengal kitten who was featured in Bengals Illustrated as an outstanding Bengal kitten! Thanks Brigitte McMinn for this gorgeous collage of my boy!

14Karat Bengal Kittens  - Top Quality, Healthy Bengal Kittens of AZ

Kashima X Sabra Past Babies

Click Here for more pictures

I could not be prouder of the kittens Kashima and Sabra consistently produce!

What an honor and privilege to own one of these exuberantly sweet, gorgeous Bengal babies!

All available kittens will be offered to those on my waiting list first.

14Karat Bengal Kitten reserved for Nathan in Phoenix AZ

GORGEOUS even during the "ugly fuzzy stage!" If this is the ugly fuzzy stage can you imagine his beauty at maturity?!

Exceptional Coloration, Contrast & Coat Clarity even during the Fuzzy Stage!

Kashima X Golden Sabra Baby "Wisco"

Sold to Nathan & Jeanna :-)

Click Here for More Pictures!

Another spectacular baby from Kashima and Sabra! Be sure to check out his Full Picture Page - link above! Tiny, rounded ears, fantastic face with an adorable, sweet expression, huge eyes, great leopard cat head, fantastic profile, beautiful rich reddish/golden coloration, great contrast, GORGEOUS totally flowing black outlined, VERY large rosetted pattern, lovely typey body, beautifully spotted belly and fat FAT tail. His favorite place to be is in my lap or on my back. He is an exuberantly loving and affectionate baby boy. Very social, VERY HAPPY, absolutely fearless and extremely playful :-)

Featuring All of Kashima's & Sabra's Kittens Produced - Top Quality, Exuberantly Loving & Very Healthy

Kashima X Sabra Past Babies - Page 2

Click Here for more pictures

Sabra's Gorgeous Daughter just had her Babies!

If you are interested in one of these exceptional Bengal babies, please email me. Please be sure to share about yourself in your initial email. Emails will not be answered if a person does not take the time to share. Calls will be returned only to those who have already been approved. Please understand I have a very strict approval process. If you do not wish to go through a strict approval process there is no need to contact me. I am not looking for just any home for my cats and kittens.

Please email me for the initial contact and please share about yourself in your initial email. Calls will only be returned to those who have already been approved.

Featuring All of the Gorgeous Bengal Kittens Produced by Sakima & Xzotic Kiss

Sakima X Xzotic Kiss Past Babies

Click Here to see more pictures

Sakima X Sakia Boy "Golden Sabu "

Click Here to see more pictures of "Golden Sabu"

Sabu is fabulous with a very clear coat of inky black markings that are beginning to open into rosettes.  His coat is incredibly soft, short and tight and it is covered in glitter. His tail is very nice and thick. Sabu's face is so beautiful with the sweetest expression and large nocturnal eyes.  Plus, he has the sweetest personality! This purring machine loves to lay in laps, knead and give head butts.  Sabu is not available.

Golden Sabu X Xzotic Kiss Past Babies

Click Here to see more pictures

Golden Sabu X Xzotic's Total Knockout Past Babies

Click Here to see more pictures

Supreme Wurth X Jacara London Past Babies

Click Here to see more pictures

Sakima X Sakia  Girl "Khemara"

Gorgeous Cashmere (long-haired) Bengal!  Khemara has big, bold rosettes, great contrast, beautiful coloration and an extremely looong body, beautiful head with a nice, strong chin and incredible profile and a gorgeous face with huge eyes.  Sakima and Sakia always seem to produce stunning Cashmere babies with great type and beautiful coats and faces.

Those who have already sent a deposit for my waiting list will have priority in choosing from the available babies. **If you have not already gone through my approval process, please be sure to take the time to share about yourself in your initial email. Otherwise, emails that do not take the time to share about oneself will not be answered.


I could not be prouder of these babies! I'd love to share emails from all of their past kitten owners. All of the babies from this line have the absolute best temperaments with exuberantly sweet and loving personalities.

Please contact me to see what else may be available as this page may not include new kittens who are also available. Please be sure to share about yourself in your Email. An Email response is typically sent out within a few minutes of received Emails IF that Email includes information about oneself. I receive an unbelievable amount of phone calls so I ask that an Email be sent first. I will then send an Email explaining about myself, home/cattery and prices. I will also include questions for you to answer. Only after these questions have been answered will I return phone calls.

I take great pride and care in choosing the absolute best homes for my cats and kittens. It is my responsibility to find my cats and kittens loving, attentive and caring homes and also homes where the kitten will be appreciated and cherished. These are precious living creatures and my kittens and cats are very precious to me and are my 'children'. Therefore, I reserve the right to refuse to sell any cat or kitten to any home/individual for any reason I feel that home/individual will not be providing the best care possible and does not have the kitten's/cat's best interest at heart.

All content & images Copyright © 14Karat Bengal, 2008-2017, All rights reserved.

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