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Gorgeous Cashmere Bengals, Cashmere kittens, longhaired Bengals, Long haired bengals, long haired kittens of 14karat bengal.

14Karat Bengal Dallinger

Supreme Wurth X Fairy Tail's Katalina Cashmere Boy

Future 14Karat Bengal Cashmere Stud

Fantastic Pedigree, rich, very red coloration, black outlined rosettes, fabulous wild type, highly glittered coat and insanely loving and affectionate.

Dallinger has developed Gorgeous Rich Red Coloration

Dallinger as seen with Cashmere sister in Bengals Illustrated - featured as outstanding Cashmere Bengals

All Photos Above Taken on August 28, 2014.

All Photos Below Taken at 7 Weeks of Age.

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