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14KaratBengal Name Pending

14KaratBengal Golden Sabu X 14KaratBengal Xzotics TotalKnockout "Boy"

I am in the process of trying to choose a name as fabulous as this boy is! Sabu's and TotalKnockout's boy has a very bright, vibrant background of extremely clear rich golden-red tones with very large inky, inky black outlined flowing rosetting. The flash of my camera distorts just how large and black his markings are. His coat is very stunning! He has a super, super clear coat that is dripping in glitter and is very jet black marked. His shoulder markings are spectacular and very consistent for this line and he has lovely type. Love his thick tail! Sabu produces fabulous thick tails! More importantly, all cats and kittens produced from this line have been and are consistently healthy to date. He also has the most exuberantly, loving, affectionate and happy personality. He is INSANELY LOVABLE!!

Photos below taken at 7 months of age

Love his tiny ears!

He, like all of my studs, wears stud panties lined with stayfree pads :) This takes A LOT of devotion and time on my part but it ensures that they can be out for the proper amount of love and interaction. This also shows just how well handled, trained and easy going my boys are!!

All Photos Below Taken at 4 Months of Age.

I will be adding baby photos when I get a chance! He was an incredibly beautiful baby!

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All Photographs Copyright 2012 by 14KaratBengal