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Premium Health Food for Cats & Kittens

Bengal Cat FoodHealthful Quality Alternative to feeding raw - Premium Cat Food for Bengal cats, Bengal kittens, Savannah & all feline companions

Advanced Nutrition for Bengals & All Special Feline Companions...

At 14Karat Bengal, it is very important to me to feed "the best available" top quality, healthful and safe food to my cats and kittens. To maintain the Bengal cat's long term optimal health a high quality diet made with quality meat protein is vital. My cats and kittens are very healthy and to help maintain their excellent health I require that the kitten or cat purchased from my cattery be kept on the same healthful, safe "human grade" food he/she is on here. I feed all of my cats and kittens Life's Abundance Dry and Canned cat food. I feel it is the healthiest cat food available.

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I feel confident knowing this food is Made in the USA, formulated by a Nationally Recognized Holistic Vet, is very safe for my beloved cats and has NEVER been part of any food recalls. Not many cat food manufacturers can truthfully claim this! Just one can of wet food or one serving of dry food that is contaminated or tainted can greatly harm or kill a cat.

Life's Abundance food products are made from the highest quality, healthful ingredients that are similar to the natural cat's diet. Did you know that most cat foods contain harmful ingredients such as corn and wheat? In addition, a lot of manufacturers list the corn ingredients separately so that 'corn' does not appear as the main ingredient. If all of the different corn ingredients are added together, corn actually is the main ingredient and the main protein source! These ingredients are not a part of the natural cat's diet and can be much too hard to digest causing health issues over a long term period. Also, other foods may contain ingredients such as potatoes or peas which can be much too starchy and may eventually lead to diabetes. Similarly, many manufacturers will list pea and/or potato separately so that these very starchy ingredients do not show as the main ingredient even though when all the peas or potatoes ingredients are added together it actually does become the main ingredient. In addition, I have found some food manufacturers who claim their food to be very healthful while their foods include ingredients such as cranberries. Cranberries can be much too acidic for many cats to assimilate properly. Please keep in mind we are feeding for the "cat's optimal health." Cats are obligate carnivores and require meat and their protein source to be derived from meat. In addition, the natural cat is not eating corn, wheat, potatoes, peas and cranberries out in the wild. Perform a test on your cat :) Place a bowl down for your cat including the main ingredients of a Life's Abundance product: "Organic chicken, chicken broth, turkey and shrimp" and then also place beside that bowl another bowl of the ingredients of another brand of food (not Life's Abundance product): "peas, sweet potatoes, rasberries, blueberries". Which one does your cat seem to prefer? Which one do you think is closer to the natural cat's diet?

Also, many cat foods include chemical preservatives, artificial colors and other harmful additives. For example, one potentially, VERY harmful additive frequently seen in canned cat foods is "carrageenan." This widely used additive, that is said to have absolutely no nutritional value, is strongly linked to malignancies among other serious ailments in humans.

Life's Abundance is meticulous about the quality and safety of their products. I can depend upon Life's Abundance to provide my beloved cats with the healthiest foods, treats and supplements available. Life's Abundance offers the highest quality ingredients and never includes chemical preservatives, artificial colors or other harmful additives including NO carrageenan- a potential carcinogen.

It is our responsibility to take the absolute best care of our beloved cats and thus feed them the best food possible. The food I feed to my cats and kittens is the best, most healthful food without having to feed raw. My cats and kittens are my life and passion and I will do my best to ensure they are receiving quality food. Just as it is vital for you and I to eat healthful it is imperative for cats to eat healthful to maintain their optimal health.


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